A Strategy Against Covid-19: Testing Cage

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes COVID-19, has many variants; some are believed, or have been believed, to be of particular importance due to their potential for increased transmissibility, increased virulence, or reduced effectiveness of vaccines against them. These variants are the result of mutation in the RNA of corona virus.

Mutation of coronavirus

Though not technically alive, viruses mutate and evolve like living cells, producing new variants all the time. Without genetic mutations, there would be no humans. There wouldn’t be any living beings at all—no mammals, insects, or plants, not even bacteria.

These tiny errors, which can happen at random each time a cell or virus copies itself, provide the raw materials for evolution to take place. Mutations create variation in a population, which allows natural selection to amplify the traits that help creatures thrive—stretching a giraffe’s long neck to reach high leaves.

Amid a pandemic, however, the word “mutation” strikes a more ominous note. Viruses, though not technically alive, also mutate and evolve as they infect a hosts’ cells and replicate. The resulting tweaks to the virus’s genetic code could help it more readily hop between humans or evade the defence of the immune system.

Replicating genetic codes

A successful virus is one that makes more of itself. But these tiny entities can’t do much on their own. Viruses are essentially coils of genetic material stuffed into a protein shell that’s sometimes blanketed in an outer envelope. In order to replicate, they must find a host. The virus binds to its target’s cells, injecting genetic material that hijacks the host’s cellular machinery to make a new generation of viral progeny.

The pace of evolution

Mutations may happen randomly, but the rate at which they occur depends on the virus. The enzymes that copy DNA viruses, called DNA polymerases, can proofread and fix errors in the resulting strings of genetic letters, leaving few mutations in each generation of copies.

But RNA viruses, like SARS-CoV-2, are the evolutionary gamblers of the microscopic world. The RNA polymerase that copies the virus’s genes generally lacks proofreading skills, which makes RNA viruses prone to high mutation rates—up to a million times greater than the DNA-containing cells of their hosts.

For SARS-CoV-2, scientists estimate that one mutation becomes established in the population every 11 days or so. But this process may not always happen at a steady pace.

As we know, every time coronavirus come with a new variant and with different symptoms. Don’t you think, considering covid-19, “a disease”, is a biggest mistake, as it is an infection caused by a virus which mutates again and again, causing more difficulty in its treatment.

Now, let me tell you the difference between a disease and an infection:

  • Infection is an attack and growth of microorganisms inside the body, therefore causing harm to the body; whereas due to the weakening of the body’s immune system after the infection of any kind of pathogens, the body starts responding automatically showing symptoms of pain, fever, aches. This state of the body is termed as the disease.
  • There are different symptoms shown by the body of a different kind of infection, like a headache, stomach ache, chills, sweating, body ache, weight loss, loss of hunger, etc. But when the body is suffering from specific kind of disease of the particular organ and the place where it is infected, it will exhibit that specific kind of symptoms. It also depends on the kind of pathogen attacked on the body.
  • Infection is a kind of body’s immune response, against the attack of the pathogen. While disease occurs when the body’s immune system gets weaken and the pathogen starts harming the cells of the body part where it has infected.
  • Infection can sometimes be treated if properly diagnosed. It will also be helpful in the prevention of disease in further spreading, while the disease is of many types, and there are different kinds of treatment available for different diseases.
  • Just, for example, lungs infections are of many types which start with allergies, shortness in breathing, sneezing, coughs, etc.; But if proper care not taken, these infections shapes into the big and life-threatening diseases like asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis, etc.

As a conclusion it is very clear that these two words sounds similar, but they are not same. An infection can be cured at the early stage but a disease which is itself a serious stage of an infection, cannot be cured easily. As every disease have different treatments, considering covid-19, a disease, is not the right thing. Every time corona virus mutate and come with a specific variant which attacks the human body in a different way, shows different symptoms, needs different treatment….

So, how can we think that it is a disease and will be cured simply by a vaccine? Its not going to happen because a single vaccine can not treat every different infection caused by every specific variant of corona virus….

Moving to another aspect of covid-19, it has adversely affected the world’s economy. It has been a crisis like no other, shutting shops and schools, closing borders and putting half of humanity under some form of lockdown since the spring of 2020. And it’s not over, with cases continuing to mount worldwide as the death toll approaches one million. It has certainly plunged the world economy into a very deep but mercifully a short recession. Everybody’s been hurt. I don’t think anybody’s really been spared by this – it’s a combination of fear, uncertainty and the reaction to the lockdowns. Looking at historical precedents, it’s about three times as bad as the global financial crisis of 2008 in terms of GDP decline on an annual basis.

To resolve all these problems, the only solution is “testing cage”, it is more like a chakra-vyuh which is introduced to trap the coronavirus.

Let’s understand this with an example, consider a lion, which is roaming in a forest, as it is free to hunt any host, it will surely do that, as long as the host is available. Now, its a simple strategy that, to save the forest population, we need to trap the lion. The same way to save the world, we need to trap this coronavirus.  

 It will surely stop further spread of covid-19. This will be possible only with a testing machine which can work not only at indoor locations but in field as well. Covid-19 ATM breath analyser is the only machine, which is the demand of time, as it gives real time results in just 20 seconds. It is effective for each variant of coronavirus, as it is based on the detection of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) specific to coronavirus. No matter how many variants arrive, it will be able to detect all of them as long as they are corona virus’s variants. For more details about covid-19 ATM, check out my previous blogs.  

Introducing testing cage:

 There should be a covid testing procedure, in which we can start from the lower level to upper level, in such a way that every street, every society, every sector, every district, every state and the whole country would be under scanning.

Now, the procedure is:

  • At first, we need to install the covid-19 ATM at every society, sector, district and every state.
  • Start testing everybody from the lower level like streets and societies, to the upper level such as districts and the states.
  • If anybody found infected, isolate him/her.
  • Don’t allow anybody to enter without scanning.
  • This will separate the infected and healthy population.
  • Infected will be diagnosed and healthy community will not get in contact with them.

In this way we will reach at a controlled stage and finally get over this pandemic……………

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